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I thought I'd add this. In case some generous soul will venture into my godforsaken profile x3

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Ohgod. Was about time I updated this thing.

So. What on earth am I doing here? Basically the same as any other person on this site. I am showing my creations to you. I am not known at all and appreciate every little gesture. Be it adding one of my pieces to your collections/favorites, commenting, giving me a llama badge or even watching (the ultimate one). I really appreciate everything, however small and insignificant that certain thing may seem. But mostly I just want to submit this stuff because I feel bad if I just let them sit in my notebooks/sketchbooks. I know people here can appreciate what I draw more and can see the efforts behind the drawings.

I used to draw more digitally, but had a loooong pause in between, and now (recently, that I got into drawing again), I've gone traditional. I don't really do anything special, I rarely even color (it's mostly just grayscale), but that's what I do for now. I'm practicing and I hope people can understand that.
As for what I draw... I can just say that I'm experimenting. Up until February (2016), I only drew animals, mostly canines. In February I summoned up all my courage and managed to draw an anime character. I haven't been able to stop till then and now I'm trying to improve with drawing humans. I've only drawn very few anime characters with ref and am actually loving the idea of improvising right now. I'll certainly be doing more drawings with reference, but I mostly doodle/sketch what comes to mind. I find it being good practice.

What could you expect from my work? I would say development.
I am experimenting with people now, so I'll probably be drawing humans more now. But I will never abandon animals, especially wolves. I've drawn canines since forever and I won't stop just yet. But I'm having a lot of fun discovering how to draw humans. I might even finish something digital. I just have to take it up and finish some of my sketches (I have tons of digital sketches too). So more humans, anime stuff and some wolfies. My themes tend to get more serious, so watch out for that.

I also have a youtube account : janelikelner12. I've been known to post some animated thingies there. It's nothing much, but I'm slowly trying to get back on track and animate something decent...

Current Residence: Estonia, Elva
Favorite genre of music: ROCK, some metal and pretty much anything Anime related... or just some Japanese artists and Vocaloid...
Favorite bands: Too many to count here, but they're mostly rock, rock-punk or rock-metal bands. Mostly.
Favorite style of art: Traditional Drawing and Painting


Well now it's been weeks of postponing
*whispers* sorry
I'll try to motivate myself xD
Key (SHINee) Akira Souma (Megane Shine) [V1] Rei Ryuugazaki (Dance) [V1]
okay idk about these
I actually drew my fursona as a human. It's just a bit unfinished, aka almost finished. Been postponing it for a few days now though Hello Darkness, My Old Friend...GIF Steven Universe - Pearlfect!Jack Victory Dance 
New Reference sheet for Misty!
After three days, three separate designs, and lots of thinking... I decided!
I still decided on the first one I made. I just made a couple of different colored ones. I didn't change other stuff much, just the colors were different. Anywho, today I cleaned all of them up and once I decided on the color I added a few small things and voila!, it was ready. Before I added these small details it didn't feel complete. But now it doeeees!!!

Okay, but beware, this is only one half of the whole thing. There's much more to Misty. I've got her backstory figured out a bit and there's meaning behind the symbol on her wrist. Aand the things in her ear. Btw the thingies on the left are feathers (or something similar at least).
Big thanks to Yuu for being there for me when I was drawing and deciding. She provided great moral support! o3o
I kind of love the eye marks. They were totally spontaneous. I was kinda doin something and this came out. In love with them.
Her mane looks like it's on fire a bit .3.
(looks cool)
Okay, so this is the first ref sheet! Now that the colors are set and all, the rest will be easier and come more naturally!
I'm currently working on a ref sheet for Misty! Her new design!
You know she's my fursona so I should take care of her. Woo
I'm feeling so energized and it's the middle of the night! What am I???

So It's developing slowly and this won't be her full design, it's gonna have more stuff to it, but this is just the basic form, the basic look of her. Woot.
So Imma get back to work now! Byeh!
(Hope you're happy now Yuu o3o)
Ventart 123 (cut vers)
So this is the cut version (see the uncut with the explanation in my scraps)

Beware of its small size and unfathomably lousy quality.
But keep in mind that this is simply an unfinished sketch thing.
No hard feelings...
I had lots of emotions so I decided to draw them out and held a pen in my hand.. finally.....
I'll be back soon I promise. Seeya
Jumps off a.... bed (not a cliff this time guys)
If you are reading this... then kudos to you my friend... kudos
Yes. I think I was trying to break the third wall or whatever they call it. Idk... JackSepticEye Dancing 

Since the last time I wrote a journal entry, my life has changed a lot! I became active on DeviantArt again! It's unbelievable but true... And next to starting this drawing tradition again... I started to draw humans! WTFFF.. I know I'm really shocked myself.. Maybe it's the end of the world?  when that react world is on point 
Okay next to those huge shockers I also made a really good friend here! It was completely random and I still don't understand how it's possible. We chat a lot and get along so well! I couldn't be happier ^^ I know I've had a few friends in youtube and even in scribble before, but that's was a different time. I find it more difficult to make good friends now. And I've never had such a good internet pal .o. And in DA? .o. I'm like in a dark corner in DA and no one notices me, so I was surprised xDD

SO I'm enjoying my time in DA much more than I used to. And I'm slowly learning how DA works.... slowly. There's so much to know, do and learn... so I'm still at a loss as of now. But I've gotten better with my DA skills x3

Now we know about the recent past, what about the present and the future?
Well For like a month or a bit more I was a but busier with school stuff and exams, so I didn't really come here. Now I only have one exam coming and most of the important stuff for school is done... So I can breathe easy. I still feel a small burden on my shoulders because of the exam, but once that's done, I'll be truly free.... I am glad to think about that..
I'll probably draw something to celebrate my freedom!
So where was I... oh right   Honoka Glasses Icon 
After school ends I'll have more time and I'm really thinking about drawing something digitally. I have many unfinished sketches, so it would be nice to finish some. And I actually tried out Paint tool SAI one time, so I might experiment with that. I'm not promising anything, but since I already have these thoughts, I might do stuff!!!
And I'll make sketchy stuff for certain, the same goes with just pictures made with a pencil. I should really try something different. I have even considered painting because I've got the colors and all.... I've even got the canvases. But since I haven't really learned how to paint, I'm afraid I'll screw it up. But you don't know until you try, right? So maybe I'll try something! I am a dummy!

Therefor I can say that I will definitely upload some new stuff here! I don't know when exactly, but I will!
[Icon#48]Momozono Nanami PEACE!

I wanna watch animu bruh... I wanna watch animu Izuku Excited Icon 
  • Listening to: Anime songssss
  • Reading: The mortal instruments!!!
  • Watching: Einshine... all the time.... x3
  • Playing: student ._.
  • Eating: sandwiches
  • Drinking: melk! (ref to a video)


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